SA PA Beginning

SA PA was created from the collaborative efforts between owner Ky Nguyen and Chef Dana Love.

Ky, born in Vietnam, moved to the US at age 5 and grew up in the northeast. From his early childhood in Vietnam and frequent visits back home since then, Ky became absorbed in the fresh, fast food that is part of daily life in Vietnam. 

Initially, Ky’s professional life followed the traditional model—get a higher education and land a corporate job. He started out in the hedge fund business and enjoyed his time in the industry. However, Ky soon found that he had a passion for food and interior design. Inspired by the food and flavor he experienced in Vietnam from early childhood through adult life, Ky wanted to share this food with others.

Ky met Chef Dana Love in 2007. Chef Dana Love’s background included Italian and European food with no previous experience to Vietnamese cuisine. Between Ky’s cultural knowledge of the food from his upbringing and Chef Love’s expertise in the culinary industry, the two were able to work seamlessly in creating a menu of staple Vietnamese dishes with a twist.

About SA PA

SA PA puts an inventive twist on Vietnamese cuisine. When stepping into the restaurant, customers are welcomed by both a vibrant environment and touches of old-school Vietnamese decor, hinting at the layered experience to come. 

Created from the collaboration between Ky Nguyen and Chef Love, the menu includes pho, banh mi, bowls, and burritos. Each dish is made with high-quality ingredients to provide the best tasting meal.  

Pho broth is made-from-scratch in limited batches daily. SA PA caters to customer preferences by offering both beef broth and vegetarian broth. Add traditional items like grilled sweet chili shrimp or foreign kimchi to take this dish to the next level.

The banh mi sandwich at SA PA is elevated by the addition of flavors like a mushroom-walnut spread and a variety of mayonnaise. Bite into a warm, freshly baked baguette filled with your choice of protein and sauced up to suit your tastes.

Bowls are a customer favorite at SA PA as a healthy meal that does not skimp out on flavor. Choose a base of brown rice, vermicelli noodles, or mixed greens and add a tender protein to your bowl. On top goes a signature dressing — choose between SA PA sauce, ginger miso, or coconut red curry. On top of every bowl? Grapes next to pickled carrots and daikon. That’s not something seen every day!

Whether you are an individual looking for a fast, fresh meal or a family looking to share a dining experience, SA PA is the place for you.


SA PA provides fast, friendly service to deliver fresh meals.

SA PA offers a welcoming environment for all.

SA PA uses high-quality ingredients for the best tasting results.

SA PA Business Practice

SA PA aims to bring fresh, high-quality food to its customers and introduce Vietnamese flavors to those who are unfamiliar with the cuisine.

SA PA creates a space where people can escape from any stress in their daily lives and enjoy good food in a welcoming environment.

All dishes are made-from-scratch and influenced by Vietnamese flavors and Ky’s family recipes.

Although there are bold flavors like fish sauce and ginger, the key to making any dish taste good is a balance in the ingredients.

Business Practice Trimmed Down

SA PA uses high-quality ingredients to provide fresh, made-from-scratch food in a welcoming environment to those acquainted and unacquainted with Vietnamese cuisine.



Vibrant Vietnamese kitchen on a mission.

  • SA PA is on a mission to introduce an inventive take on traditional Vietnamese dishes and flavors with its audience.
  • Mission to provide fast, fresh, high-quality food to customers.
  • Mission to maintain love and passion through all work.
  • Mission to provide a fun, welcoming experience to customers who choose to eat at SA PA during their lunch break or dinner outing.


Increase awareness of boundaries SA PA pushes as a restaurant to provide its customers with new, exciting tastes and a transportive experience. SA PA is a place where anyone can step outside of their comfort zone and go on an adventure.


Create with love, build with passion.

  • Owner Ky Nguyen’s passion for food and design led him to leave the finance industry and create a concept based on the tastes and experiences of his upbringing.
  • All dishes are created from the collaboration between Ky Nguyen and Chef Dana Love.
  • Employees should find happiness in making a positive impact on anyone who walks through the door at SA PA by creating meals and building bowls.


Introduce SA PA’s core value of “love and passion in everything we do” to employees and customers. Highlight the origin story and relationship between owner Ky Nguyen and Chef Dana Love. Increase brand awareness of SA PA as a passion project so customers can connect with it.


Small acts lead to a big impact.

  • All front-of-house and back-of-house actions contribute to the customer experience at SA PA.
  • Employees positively contribute to a customer’s day by providing him with a good meal, a happy stomach, and stellar service.
  • Kindness and friendly service go a long way.
  • SA PA values the work of every employee; without each team member doing their part, SA PA would not be possible.


Boost internal morale and spirit to ensure employees feel appreciated in the workplace. Paint a picture on how each action taken by the SA PA staff leads to a customer having a break from the stress of daily life with a tasty meal in front of them. Cultivate a fun and friendly experience from SA PA’s staff to its customers.


Boston’s balance in food and life.

  • Encourage customers to make time for a fresh, tasty meal in between work.
  • Create balanced meals that are rich in flavor but do not overpower customers with unfamiliar tastes.
  • Everything in life is about balance — balance between work and social life, balance between healthy ingredients and tasty meal, balance between bold flavors and consumable taste.
  • SA PA values work-life balance for its team members. Work should provide balance in learning, fulfillment, and fun.


Increase customer association of SA PA as an establishment that offers fresh, tasty meals that are well-balanced in both health and flavor. Ky has created an environment for customers to find balance from a hectic workday or family busyness with SA PA. This core value also serves as a reminder for SA PA team members that they are stepping into a job that will add value to their lives, not detract from it.



From scratch to fresh batch.

  • Egg rolls are made from mother’s recipe.
  • Pho broth made from scratch; simmers overnight to serve fresh to customers.


Show customers the freshness and quality of SA PA’s ingredients. Educate customers on how the healthy, locally sourced ingredients, made with love puts SA PA ahead of all other options for lunch or dinner.


We are no stranger to flavor.

  • SA PA uses bold flavors that customers may not be familiar with: fish sauce, ginger miso, star anise, and more.
  • SA PA finds the perfect balance in ingredients to give you a great tasting dish that is not overpowered by one flavor.
  • #nostrangertoflavor


Make strange flavors more approachable to customers. Be the first to introduce a customer to exotic flavors, creating more brand loyalists. Educate audiences on delicious flavor combinations and Chef Dana’s take on traditional Vietnamese food. Show culinary expertise by explaining why certain ingredients are used (ie. grapes are used to bring a sweetness that balances our pickled vegetables).


Destination Dinner.

  • Convenience for customers looking to eat Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Enjoy a fresh, tasty Vietnamese dinner with friends and family.
  • Leave work behind and enter our oasis for a taste of Vietnam.


Increase customer association of SA PA as a dinner experience. Whether seeking comfort food or a new adventure, there’s something for everyone all at a great value and convenient location.


Every bowl brings


Highlight the benefits of eating at SA PA. Use graphics to showcase a different word in the blank. What do customers take away from their time with you? Why do they keep coming back? A great break from work, tasty food with good company, happy taste buds, and more. 

This campaign can also be used to increase customer engagement by asking them what a SA PA bowl brings to their lives.